Who are we ?

Marque de vêtements éthiques, vêtements musulmans, vêtements islamiques pour hommes et femmes

A brand and an identity

The Adam's Heritage brand carries a strong identity, those of believers who share the values of the father of humanity, the prophet Adam, peace be upon him.

By going back to basics, the brand broadcasts clear, simple and common messages to all believers in one God, whatever their religion.

Our designs are sober, minimalist and in tune with the times so that you can wear your values with pride, in all situations.

Adam's Heritage est une association humanitaire, ONG humanitaire, projets de solidarité internationale

A humanitarian association

Solidarity being at the very heart of Adam's legacy, and that of all the prophets, 100% of the profits from the brand's sales are donated to humanitarian projects.

Indeed, Adam's Heritage is a humanitarian association carrying out its own actions in the service of the most deprived, in France and abroad.

Founded by a humanitarian with a Master's degree in International Humanitarian Action and with several years of experience in the field, the association is managed according to the professional standards of the largest international NGOs.

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